Special Education for the Gifted
    Parents have valuable information to contribute about the kinds of programs and services necessary for their child to be successful in school. To ensure the rights of gifted children, additional rules have been made. This web site explains these rules so parents will feel comfortable and can better participate in the educational decision-making for their child. Click on the questions below for answers parents of a child who is gifted or is possibly gifted may have about their child's education.



    In summary, if your child is gifted and needs specially designed instruction, a program is designed and carried out. Everyone involved must remain focused on meeting each child's individual needs. When parents and school officials successfully keep this objective in mind, the likelihood of providing quality educational programming dramatically increases.
    Additional information may be obtained in the booklet "Parent Guide to Special Education for the Gifted". This is available by sending an email to one of the addresses listed below, or click on the link to the Pennsylvania Department of Education web site.
    The Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education is pleased to announce its new toll-free Helpline number, 1-888-penngifted (1-888-736-6443).
    Tammy Boring, Special Education Supervisor 
    Renee Williamson, Administrative Assistant