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     Internet Safety

    What would we do without the World Wide Web.  These days everyone wants to be connected to the Internet.  We rely on it as an information source and to communicate with businesses, schools, friends and families.  We use it as a tool at our work place.  Students and parents can use it to keep up to date with grades and activities at school.
    The availability of access has drastically changed in the past few years.  Almost every household has a computer or two with Internet access.  And with the popularity of cellular technology, almost everyone in a family has a cell phone.
    Yes the Internet and the capabilities of mobile technology are exciting, but we need to learn how to use these things wisely. 
    Blacklick Valley School District believes that these technologies are very useful tools for education.  The District also believes that students need to be made aware of the proper and improper uses of technology, and how to be good digital citizens.
    This section is devoted to providing links to information for parents and students about using this technology correctly and safely.