• Receiving a high school diploma has become more than attending regularly and passing classes. Schools are now held more accountable for student achievement due to state and federal legislation. The following requirements need to be accomplished by every student in order to receive a high school diploma.

    • Regular attendance (no more than 25 days absent in any school year)
    • Minimum of 26 credits 
      Language Arts - 4 credits
      Social Studies -  3 credits
      Science - 3 credits
      Math - 3 credits
      Physical Education -1 credit 
      Electives - 12 credits including additional Soial Studies, Math and Science classes
    • Carry AT LEAST 6 solid classes a year. Solid classes meet daily all year.
    • All students (class of 2017) must demonstrate attainment of the academic standards (proficient or advanced) in Biology, Literature, and Algebra on the Keystone Exams.

    All courses at Blacklick Valley Junior Senior High School meet for one of the following time periods. The amount of credit given for each course is also shown.

    • 45 days - .25 credit
    • 90 days - .50 credit
      180 days - 1 credit