• SCHOOL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL                        

    Mrs. Cheryl Lauer 


    School Nurse


    Elementary, ext. 403, afternoons

    Jr. Sr. High, ext. 212, mornings

    Among the primary concerns of the school nurse are detection of defects, prevention of disease and maintenance of health for each child.  In striving for these goals the nurse:

    • Test vision of each student every year.
    • Test hearing of students grades K,1,2,3,7,11, and referrals.

    • Record and observe growth patterns (height, weight and BMI) for each student every year

    • Arrange and assist with medical examinations of pupils in grades 1,6, and 11, dental examinations of pupils in grades 1,3, and 7.

    • Screen for scoliosis every year on 6th and 7th graders.

    • Refer all contagious conditions to the parent for treatment.

    • Maintain a health and immunization record for each student.

    • Interpret community resources and services to students and parents.

    • Provide health education and counseling to parents; share health information with students, parents, and staff.

    • Organize and conduct appropriate health programs.

    The teacher and nurse are eager to help you with any problems affecting the health and safety of your child.  We wish to emphasize the need for cooperation between home and school.  We invite you arrange conferences.  We believe improved communications are vital and will be mutually beneficial.